What we stand for

Love for games

Only gamers by heart can deliver great and accessible games for everyone.

Players first

It’s all about fun: player satisfaction is key for successful games.

High Quality

Outstanding gameplay experiences with high production values.

Mobile born

Mobile is more than just a platform, it’s a design philosophy.

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What we do

We unite indie passion for great games with vast mobile and free to play experience.
The mobile market is ready for more success stories based on new strategies

For all our game projects, we choose genres where we see room for more innovation and outstanding gameplay experiences. First class intelligence tools help us identify market shifts and growth opportunities.

We innovate to push every genre we are entering to the next level! The combination of proven gameplay mechanics, core gameloop twists and a game enhancing hybrid monetization is our winning formula.

With every game release, we iterate towards the next top hit game. In a zero-politics work environment, we precisely focus on that goal from day one, with every single step involved.

In a highly competitive and fast moving mobile gaming market, speed is more than just a time saver, it’s an important component of success. We launch our games with a short time to market to keep our iteration cycle as fast as possible.

  • Intelligence
  • Innovation
  • Focus
  • Speed

Who we are

A trust based and result orientated work environment is crucial for success in games. Bring great people together and enable them to deliver amazing products.
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Mark Buchholz

Mark is the power behind our products, the mastermind who knows what makes games successful and fun to play. He is able to design real mobile gameplay experiences at an astonishing pace and with a magical sense for the WOW factor. Never built lego by instruction.
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Ole Schaper

Ole is our business and technology expert, one of the few people who unite a strategic business mind with vast technology experience. He is a true master in setting up a rock-solid infrastructure for a fast paced mobile gaming company. And he is also the hardest tester of our casual games.
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Michael Reichert

Michael is our market and distribution genius and most importantly, our trend radar. He is the allrounder we need to be ahead of our competitors when it comes to getting our games right into the hands of the gamers. And as a true Apple Fanboy his browser of choice is Safari! Like, for real.

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What's going on

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