we do what we love

A full stack free-to-play specialist with focus on the mobile market.

Founded in 2016 by game industry veterans, backed by Rocket Internet, MTG and well connected business angels.

Truly Agile Development And Operation

We embrace a low politics, low hierarchy team structure. Our team members are responsible to lead tasks, not departments.

Reacting quickly to new creative or data driven information throughout a project is key for us to deliver the best results.

We Love Games

Playing games is an integral part of our company culture. We believe it’s important to love games to be able to deliver games that can be loved.

We want our games to create outstanding and memorable experiences as we expect them from all the games that we play.

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"Explore magical realms, unlock and upgrade new wizards and equip them with unique spells.”
Super Spell Heroes

We Love Data

Live operation focuses on ongoing optimization, utilizing the industries top analytics and performance strategies.

In-Depth analytics, full featured economy simulations, behavior prediction models, realtime feature experiments, dynamic targeted offers, campaign management, performance marketing and more are our daily business.


We know…

…just how important the user’s first impression is. Therefore tutorials are not the very last but instead one of the first things we build. 

We are…

… dedicated to creating unique experiences by prototyping quickly and letting real players test them within weeks.

Our games…

… strive to spark positive emotions within minutes. If they don’t we change them.

Solve Problems. Find Improvements. Create Solutions.

We are working with various high-profile partners to support them on their own projects. 

Be it a full production or support with single aspects of game development, Sviper is ready to take on responsibility.

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