Sviper Releases First Game Wild City Rush: Urban Jungle Adventure

Next generation endless runner with level and progression system

November 17, 2016 – Mobile game Wild City Rush: Urban Jungle Adventure from gaming studio Sviper and their development partner THREAKS, is a bright and colorful light-hearted endless runner that starts off as a very accessible, fun obstacle course and turns into an intense challenge over time. The game substantially enhances the genre’s beloved formula by combining accessibility with compelling and long-lasting progression mechanics. A complex level and power-up system makes the gameplay experience rewarding and action-packed.

In Wild City Rush the city has gone wild: animals escaped the zoo and took over the metropolis and their suburbs. The game is all about animals like Luke the Tiger and Pebble the Penguin, which must be guided through the big, bustling city safely.  On their way, players find mighty power-ups that help them to escape tricky situations and survive the urban jungle adventure. The further the players progress the more mystery boxes become available that unlock new and provide upgrades for animals and their power-ups.

Over the course of the game, players collect more and more cute animals and mighty power-ups to build up a collection. Both can be upgraded over multiple levels, providing witty and meaningful improvements for weeks and months of an exciting gaming experience.

“Endless runner are still extremely popular among mobile gamers and one of the most accessible genres. However, in recent years we haven’t seen much innovation in this genre and with Wild City Rush we want to change that.”  says Mark Buchholz, founder of Sviper. “It was our combined goal to offer fans of endless runner games a fresh way of experiencing their favourite type of game.” says Wolf Lang, Co-CEO of THREAKS.

Wild City Rush: Urban Jungle Adventure is available for iOS and Android.

About Sviper
Based in Hamburg, Sviper is an independent mobile gaming studio founded in 2016 by three industry veterans with mobile and free to play experience from Germany’s biggest gaming companies. Sviper is set out to deliver outstanding gameplay experiences in the highest quality for mobile devices. Combining intelligence, innovation, focus and speed in a zero-politics work environment, Sviper works on nothing less than a new mobile gaming success story.

About Threaks
THREAKS is an awarded game company from Hamburg, Germany. The team of industry professionals has won more than 20 international awards including Best of Appstore 2014 in 6 countries. THREAKS have successfully released games for mobile, consoles and pc with more than half a million sold units.